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December 23, 2008



Massive kudos for doing the three bird roast - looks time consuming but massively worthwhile.

Season's Greetings to you


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Wow, fantastic.

Great read and really useful.
My Hubby and I are hosting 15 family and friends on Boxing day for buffet lunch and evening carvery.
He is planning to do a 5 bird for the first time! I'm planning some cocktails (not for the first time)
Turkey, Duck, Chicken, Pheasant and Partridge...
Merry Christmas

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Don't you envy the freedom of birds, that they can fly without mechanical assistance? And no ticket needed!

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God, I had just 1 bird and im still eatting it now, your will never end!


Wow great post! I have always wanted to attempt this myself but wasn't sure where to begin. Thanks for the great photos and instructions. We are still hammering away at our own Turkey and Ham leftovers.

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I missed this post, else i would have made this for christmas. anyways, i have added this to my google reader and will never miss any post from you...hats off!!

Steve Lillybeck

I second the kudos! It looked like quite the project to tackle. I have a hard time keeping everything warm and timing my cooking so that it all is ready at the same time.

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Wow I am now incredibly hungry and wishing I had come to yours for Christmas dinner.

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Thanks for sharing your ingredients! they are amazing and this one is really a hit on cooking on turkey from your blog, I discovered and appreciated much more recipe.



aw so meaty! it's already gorgeous looking!! Love your work (and research), you're a true food writer whom I absolutely look up to. :) I can't wait to try this one.

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