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September 23, 2009


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David Lockie

Mate, not much I can do about the first 9, but for 10, know that there are people out there reading and being inspired! Hope that helps. A bit.

How about trapping those squirrels?


Wow, thank you for your tips. Its really a big help for me. Thanks a lot!

The Curious Cat

Very brave of you to post a piccy of you on the loo! Interesting things to know! Found the whole light switch/loo flush very amusing but not so cool on the dead mouse front...as for Walden...my dad swears by it, but over the years I have tried many a time to pick it up and get stuck in and nope, not working for me either (and I so want it to because we used to live nearby and swim there!)- though my dad has picked out the best quotes and they are on his website so I just refer to those for an overall sense of the book... xxx


Love the pic of you on the throne. Classic.

For the squirrels one idea, why don't you put a toy wolf looking creature up there or stuffed fox? I have a picture of a dirty great big mean Eagle in an area of my window where pigeons used to like to congregate... they don't congregate there no more!!

Bit sad the end of your list... seems like you almost feel like a bit of a prisoner down there. I'm looking forward to seeing you leave, it seems about that time.

Well done.


I spit my coffee out all over my keyboard whilst trying to have a sneaky peak at work this morning!! I know what you mean about no. 10. There sometimes seems to be no point in doing most things if you don't have someone to share it with. I wouldn't like the mice either - but they are marginally better than rats!!


A decadent post. Read Zerzan and don´t play "sissy land" games. And please don't insult us referring to how world as the "real world". Debord can help in this mater. Or Solanas...

Nick Weston

Thanks, Fantastic comment, Zerzan might get a look in, what are "sissy land" games? I refer to the "real world" in the sense of using technology. Look forward to hearing from you,
Best wishes and happy times.

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A decadent post. Read Zerzan and don´t play "sissy land" games. And please don't insult us referring to how world as the "real world". Debord can help in this mater. Or Solanas...

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Invisible G.

The pic of you on the loo tickled me pink.

Your journey certainly plays on our longing to escape. Still, it ain't flowers and poetry all day long.

Great post on the realities of tree life.

Mice, fox shit, and loneliness are things to consider. Especially dead mice - ewwww!




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