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October 15, 2009


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Great work keep it up! Cheers.


Oh and stay warm in there... a challenge; could you last until Christmas then invite your entire family to come and have a Christmas lunch in your treehouse cooked by you (pheasant). OK I'm sure you can't do it. The challenge has been made...


I am a total Gin-aholic. The nearest I got to Boarding School was a collection of Mallory Towers books by Enid Blyton, and Gin never featured in their midnight feasts!!! My Sloe Gin never ever makes it to Christmas. I love Gin so much that I could wear it as perfume!! The Bombay Sapphire bottle is a work of art (and makes fabulous sea glass). I tried making chocolates once with the Gin soaked Sloes - but they are a sod to get the pips out of and I eventually gave up.

The Curious Cat

Where can you find sloes? Sounds like a great idea! Thinking Christmas this weekend with the making of chutney and cake...xxx


I have collected some sloes this weekend past - this is earlier than you suggest. They have been in the fridge for two days now. Can I still use them for my sloe gin, or is it really too early? They are lovely and plump and purple/black

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