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December 07, 2009


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Dandelion Daydreamer

Nice post! Feel like you've summed up my year here in a day! Nice to have you in town, can I come for the froggie legs please :)


Thanks for the shout out, fella. You're having quite the adventurous year, n'est pas? Great post, as always and good job on the duck hearts - a great little cut

The Curious Cat

Hello! France sounds nice - I like the views! It is a great place for eating indeedy! As for heart - I adore chicken heart - I ate a lot of those babies in Brazil on the bbq with soy sauce and cooked peppers. Duck would be another adventure that I'd probably enjoy I suspect... lucky you. You can get chicken heart in selfridges by the way...if you ever crave it! xxx


I love the French attitude to food - infact I love their attitude to life. That looks like a fab place to be right now - you are a jammy beggar!!! Enjoy yourself.


I've been clicking through different blogs and found this - woohoo! My mum's from Hossegor :)

Sadly she is a very unadventurous cook, though one of my strongest memories of visits to la famille is the day Mamie brought a frozen veal's head up to the kitchen to thaw, ahead of the next day's extended family gathering. And my aunt's scrumptious cepe omelettes; she knows just where to find them, yummy!

And now to read the rest...

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