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January 02, 2010


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My name is Diane and I am a cheeseaholic - half my body weight is made up of cheese and red wine! On a mission to lose 2 stone this year, so I dont know if i'll get around to making this, but it does look divine. Happy New Year


Lol i love your descriptions of the celeb chefs... now lets see what would Ramsey say about you "jumped up young tosser that doesn't even make his own puff pastry"... :-P
(seriously tho you could imagine him coming out with something like that)


what a lovely recipe! happy new year


this is an awesome recipe! thank you wedy x

The Curious Cat

I had baked cheese last night...I love baked cheese...another variation is most welcome! :) Hope you have a wicked new year ahead! xxx


Oh wow! This looks amazing! We love brie and anything to do with it has to be amazing. :)


Beautiful pictures and recipe!

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