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July 03, 2010


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Interesting blog, this is getting bookmarked! ;-)

By the way, good luck! Looks like a bit of work you got there


Being buggered by a large balls swinging bull eh?? Hmm.. this new life of "living the bender dream" seems like it could be quite mind expanding (at least something will get expanded anyway!!)...

Sorry couldn't resist that!! ;-)

LOoking good man. Can't wait to see how it turns out. So how long will you live in it for? Semi-permanently...?

Nursing apparel

:( my internet is bad now and i can't view the vids. will come back tonight.


Hi Nick,I have just brought your book, very inspiring and am looking forward to trying out many of your ideas, you seem to be setting the trend and people are developing a higher conciousness. I think we are looking for other ways now not consumerism but the beauty that is around us and reward of hunter/gatherer. I hope to get the the cob nuts this year off the tree before the squirels do !!!

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