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August 16, 2010


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great work nick! that ceviche looks fab too...
ill get blogging my end too and and well get those serach engines buzzing for the film... tx


Great post - we need more honesty boxes. I picked up some plums the other day and made plum jam, but that's about all I have seen this year, must look harder.


Brilliant! In the Channel Islands they have had "Hedge Veg" for years and it is my preffered method of shopping when I am there.

The Curious Cat

:) Great entry...I'm all for honesty boxes...ah to make the world a nicer, friendlier place... :) xxx


Cracking blog that. Barn looking great too. Well done fella x

Nick Weston

Thanks fiddler- when you coming to stay?!

To: nickweston@hotmail.com

Nick Weston

Thanks, couldnt agree more- give the power back to the people!

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Nick Weston

Yes, saw it in HFW fish adventure- they take there honesty boxes seriously, need to up our game over here methinks.

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Nick Weston

Found some cherry plums by the roadside and almost got run over whilst shaking the tree- we do need more, but if you keep your eyes peeled there are quite a few!

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Nick Weston

Hope the supper clubs are going well- interested in putting together a wild food one?

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Kathy Doyle

Those are some proper honesty box stands, I'd love something like that one with the wheels on for all my surplus veg, at the moment I give it away or the chickens eat it!


Great blog! We don't really have the concept of an "honesty box" in the U.S., but maybe it's something you find in rural areas and not the suburbs.

Went fishing for the first time since I was a little girl and now I've become interested more in wild foods and being outdoors with some confidence. I buy my meat and most veggies from local farmers. Nowhere to get good fish or seafood here really.

It's not just boys who have tree houses. We built one when we were kids (just a floor really, but we used it all the time, and sneaked out dads' tools to work on it. We also had a hidden fort on the creek where we put a piece of plywood over an area for a roof and then put dirt on top of it so it was hidden. It's amazing how the teen years hit and you stop all of that for no really good reason.


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