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February 12, 2011


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Becky Lerner

Lots of bittercress and oyster mushrooms right now in Portland, Oregon, too! Must be that we have the same climate.

Off to share your post via Twitter and such.




The Curious Cat

I like the sound of all this except the oysters...allergic unfortunately! xxx


I wish it was spring here. Have seen some shoots but it will be a long while before the daffodils are out here! Love the recipes, I've never found oyster mushrooms locally, but will have a forage this weekend. Might spot a daffodil .... no probably not!

Mack Shepperson

Waaah! Reading this made me crave for oysters... Too bad I can't eat that much! Hehe, I suffer from hypertension every time I eat a lot of it. Anyway, thanks for sharing the recipe. Maybe I'll just share this with my girlfriend. :)

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I like the sound of all this except the oysters...allergic unfortunately! xxx


wow it looks appetizing!
but you aren't serious about the worms are you? :/

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