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April 03, 2007


doug sager

what a great blog. very informative and entertaining. and good photos too. keep up the excellent work. this would make a nice tv series!

Rosemary Spencer

What a great idea. Lovely crisp exciting photos that make the articles pop. In fact your webpage has a light clean uncluttered look which is appealing. The articles are inspiring, fun, & have an air of adventure & daring. I too think you should develop this into something - on the lines of Jimmy's Farm perhaps (recent BBC program about a chap who started a pig farm in Essex). All the best.

Jamie Briggs

Loved the Ray Mears Weekend blog. More stuff like this please.

Clare Buckle

Nick, amazing blog! You are a natural writer. Your home made scones and elderflower cordial (a city park find) are amazing treats that i get to enjoy on a weekly basis!! You are so talented. Keep it up!!

Giles Tollworthy

Top stuff Nick, mozarella burgers look awesome. Stick some more on about your garden - the transformation from urban jungle to the envy of Fearnley Whittingstallians and what's best to grow etc - sure there are loads of people who'd want to do the same...

Charlie Butcher

Nick, very impressed mate. I must admit that I was oblivious to the amount of work you'd been putting into this...

Alan Buckle

What a fabulous blog. The descriptions, information and detail are excellent - really great to read this stuff. There must be a TV person out there who recognises what great television this would make! Good luck Nick and keep it coming.

Rob Hough

Awesome work with the website Nick, just came across it randomly and had no idea you had been doing all this. I think I wil take your advice and keep my eyes peeled for unidentified green objects around and about London. Top work and keep it up....!


I saw your little bio in Olive magazine and have come to check out your blog. Excellent stuff.

Any tips on what veg you can plant this time of year on my small balcony in Leeds, I'm feeling inspired!


I just spent over three hours on your very cool blog Nick. I'm totally impressed with your many talents and skills! You are certainly doing your part to introduce more people to the outdoors experience. Your photographic work is spectacular as is your ability to come up with mouth watering food from the wilds.

I've bookmarked your blog and will be back many times. I can't wait to see what you come up with next. Keep up the great work and may you live a long happy life.

Your friend in the outdoors,


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