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June 02, 2008



I am one of the unlucky few that get sick from this mushroom. In fact, I thought I might die after eating it. Three other people ate them with me and did not get sick so I know it was my sensitivity. It felt like someone had kicked me in the in the kidneys. The symptom of nausea was almost completely overshadowed by the pain. It was frightening.

John Cossham

I have eaten CotW many times, wild ones and several from a tree trunk innocculated in my garden... with no problems whatsoever.

However, yesterday I picked a specimen and today carefully prepared it... it was quite old but I cooked it in such a way as to have plenty of moistness around.

My children tried it and didn't like it, but my wife and I had it as the main part of the meal.

Within an hour, both my wife and I were feeling sick and unwell. After 2 hours, we vomited, and my wife is feeling quite poorly, headache, dizzy. After vomiting, we both feel considerably better, stomach-wise.

I put this down to either the age of the mushroom, or the type of tree (think it was a cherry) that was its host.

CotW is still my favourite mushroom... but I'll eat it young and perhaps in smaller amounts, as today I had a plateful.

John, York

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