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September 17, 2008



New Yorkers stay slender because they have to walk everywhere. Most people I know who live in NYC walk at least 5 miles a day. That'll keep you skinny. So glad you enjoyed your trip!


Pulled Berkshire Farms Pork Butt - too bad you missed it. It is made from the shoulder, you know, not the um, hind end. For some reason that shoulder cut is called a butt roast. Go figure. But slow cooked pulled pork is heavenly. I lived ten years in North Carolina, where pulled pork is a regional specialty, and try, best I can to recreate it on my BBQ grill in So. California. But I have a hard time procuring Berkshire breed pork without shipping it here.

Glad to see you enjoyed your visit to NYC. I think most of your observations are spot on.


What a great right-up!! It's good to see how the American's live/eat etc!! Great educational web-blog and site! Bookmarked for sure.

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