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September 29, 2008



Fabulous post. I've tried hawthorn berries a few times and always had the same reaction but the 'jelly' looks wonderful.


Great blog,man.

Nick Weston

I was shocked at how quick the jelly set! if you are going to use haws use them for jellies! Thanks for the comments

 Ursula Cavanagh

I have been giving my friend (a heavy smoker for over 30 years) dried hawthorne leaves with a little lavendar, to smoke. He PREFERS them to ciggarettes. You can find instructions here http://www.woodlandherbs.co.uk/acatalog/herbal_tobacco.html. He says they also make him feel calm. Worth a try if you're trying to kick tobacco


I'm a manufacturer of Biltong, and I was really interested to read your blog and see your comparison the the look of your hawthorn jelly product to little biltong pieces. Really curious to try something like this now!

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