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October 22, 2008



Hello there,

I have been quietly enjoying your blog for a few months. I have a recipe for pickled crab apples if you are interested. The apples are kept whole and pickled in a spiced sweet-sour brine. They are supposed to be good with roasted meats (and presumably game, which is right up your alley). I haven't tried it yet because I haven't found any crab apples, but I'm curious how it would turn out. Let me know and I'll send it along to you. Thanks from Minnesota, USA for the fun blog!

Nick Weston

Dear Lillian,

Thank you for the comments, glad you have been enjoying the blog! I would love to take a look at the pickled crab apple recipe- sounds amazing, I had my crab apple jelly with duck the other night and it was great cut the richness perfectly.



I love your jelly jars! I bought a quart of crab apples from a farm stand last year because they were so pretty. My favorite use for them was in braised red cabbage. They added the perfect tart/sweet component.


Those jars remind me strongly of Dowe Egburt coffe jars - we have many of those we use for dry storage - am I right, and do you find they work well for jam/jelly?

Nick Weston

They are indeed the same coffe jars- very handy and a nice tight seal- finished the jelly before longevity was put to the test...

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My crabapple tree is covered in bright red little sour apples. Most people (that are not gardeners) tell me they are worthless and to be used for kids and teenagers for a crabapple fight. My little ones like to just pick and eat (or more like suck) on them.


Hi there, I just found your blog post after searching for sussex crab apples, as I'm in sussex and trying to find out if where the wild crabapples grow in my area - I want to make some crabapple cider! If you wouldn't mind sharing whereyou got yours, that'd be lovely of you!

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