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January 29, 2009



One of the most amusing posts I have read in a long time. I love this blog!


Nice work on the pigeon biltong, sounds good. I've only experienced the heaving throng if Borough at the weekend. Not something I'll do again for a long time.


We have the English Market here in Cork, Ireland and it can be a bit over run with foodies and tourists/bloggers snapping the great displays. However it still sells great fresh meat, fish and veg at a reasonable price, plus you can get all those delights you didn't know you wanted, pigs heads, trotters, hearts, hocks, tongue and tripe. I would hate for the whole thing to become just a tourist attraction and priced beyond the ordinary punter. Chanterelles at £20 a kilo...........


Wow! this is my first time to come across your blog(found it through the foodieblogroll) and I'm so blown away by all that you have here! What a great blog!


I want to eat all these beefs , it is really delicious, I love the sea food

John Boyle

The food above are very delicious to eat, however not all! Those various kinds of meat are not appropriate to be posted here on the site.

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