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March 08, 2009



Wow. What a project. I wish you the best of luck and can't wait to read some more about it. Let me know if you wish to share the skills of the wildman - sounds like fun.

Reida Riva

Thanks for sharing your way of life, very interesting From Reida Riva


Wow. I am at a lost of words. This must be such an amazing experience for you. When I told my boyfriend I wanted to live in a tree house, he laughed at me and said it couldn't be done, well you're living proof that it could! I'm glad you have decided to share your great adventure with the rest of the world, we could learn a thing or two from you. Life isn't all about money and useless possessions. We live in a materialistic society and it brings me joy to find people like you who can escape from it and really enjoy life. We take nature for granted. Some people don't realize that if we're not careful, we could royally screw ourselves over. Greetings from Cooperstown!

Sam@ free shed plans

Those tree houses are just awesome!


I loved reading your treehouse blog - your story is awesome - thanks!! May I be so bold as to ask... About 5-10 years ago I read a blog from a man somewhere in the UK who'd built a treehouse very high, almost in a canopy.. in a public forest. His treehouse was illegal and quite dangerous, but he had a stove, snow and heating etc. I followed his blog for a while as it was so interesting.. and the police or forest people were wanting him to remove it. Is this you? and if not, do you know who I'm talking about and would you know how I can read more? His story was amazing. I'd love a lead if you know :)
Thanks terribly!

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