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April 08, 2009


Matt Gregory

Nick, drop me line for cold smoking stuff, I'm getting there in stages: http://mattgregory.freeblogit.com/2008/11/10/smokey-joe-mk-v-in-action/

Bernard Bookey

The secret of cold smoking at home is to separate the heating (28 deg C) from the smoking.

I built a well insulated box, heated by a 25 watt bulb, fed from a dimmer to control the temperature.

The smoke is generated in an external small tin, with 4 holes punched around the bottom. This feeds into the box via a 22mm copper pipe with a bend. The screw lid of the tin is soldered onto the end of the copper pipe.Heat for the smoke from a meths burner.

Four or more hours salting and some 8 hours smoking needed for cuts of salmon or trout.

I use the box in a greenhouse to avoid wind and smoke in the house.

Hot smoking, at 90 deg C. uses a 100 watt bulb. One hour at heat suffices for salmon.

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Nick Weston


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Randall Berger

I have built a cold smoker out of a kettle BBQ and a 44gal drum. The key is they are all 57cms in diameter ... check this before you buy. You cut the top 1/3 off of a clean drum and the top lip, so you have a clean 57cm tube. Then cut some "gills" around the bottom of the drum to allow air to draw. You can also cut an access door in the side of the drum and rivet a swing cover that is slightly larger. Put a metal container in the bottom of the drum in which you will start the wood smoldering. I use a narrow wire waste basket. Open the vents in the bottom of the kettle ... of course, you haven't attached the legs! ... and set it in the top of the drum ... put the 1/3 piece in the kettle ... and then the lit should fit on top of everything. Set it smoldering and you can add wood through the side door. Never let it get hotter than 50C. Add a thermometer to the top of the kettle. Good luck!

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