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May 06, 2009



I made Elderflower Champagne ( a la HFW) last year and Elderflower cordial and I am hooked!! I will be giving this a go at the weekend. As for the exploding bottles in the garage - now I know why the first bottle I opened emptied its entire contents all over my kitchen ceiling!!


Awesome. Cannae wait to give this a go. Is it possible to do without any special equipment? And I mean with ABSOLUTE basics?

The Curious Cat

Thanks for this - I experimented with nettles for the first time recently and made a soup (see my blog if you are interested) and I noticed how lovely they smelt just sitting in fresh water and toyed with the idea of creating an alcoholic beverage - now I know how! Also intrigued by the pesto - might give that a whirl!!!

The Curious Cat

Incidentally do you know Harry Man?


Great stuff.
Drinking a pint of my Nettle brew now. I used baking yeast, works just as well, but ends up much more cloudy.
Love the blog, keep up the good work.


Definitely fancy giving this a go. I've just gotten into the art of homebrew as well as having our first completely foraged meal - mussels with wild garlic and homebrew.


Great recipe, thanks!

Made my first batch in June, only the last few bottles left now, great straight from the fridge on a hot day.

You're right it's much more like elderflower champagne than beer, but not so sweet... mine's even a tiny bit salty on the palate, very nice.

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Oh wow! I have never tried a nettle beer before. I think it would be an interesting gulp! Thanks for the recipe!


Hi, excellent recipe, tried mine for the first time this week, although I fermented it to complete stop, then added 1 level tsp of sugar to each Grolch bottle before filling up and popping on the cap. Left for five days, no explosions, tasted one, fantastic, but no head to speak of so I'm going to leave it another week and see what happens. If that fails I'll try some heading liquid from the home brew shop which adds an artificial head but just finishes it off I think.

Nick Weston

super! never thought of adding head...nice touch.

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Just finished off my first batch of home brew nettle beer and by George, it was brilliant! Must try brewers yeast next time as I used bread yeast, so see what the difference is.At the bottling stage it was 5.4%, but I think it got a bit stronger whilst it was in the bottles for 5-7 days. The nettle pesto idea sounds good, I will give it a go next time. Cheers!

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It's now 0045 Hrs and I was meant to be going home from the office several hours ago!

Got to say your blogs are fantastic Nick!

Keep up the good work and I will be sure to carry on looking/reading through your website tomorrow too! Quality.

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