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May 12, 2009



I can appreciate that this is going to be very very hard work, but it looks like the most fun ever. Best wishes


Now thats a sink the Bush Tucker Man would be proud of!

gary williams

i am soooo friggin envious... you bloody enjoy it mate.. erm.. when your not knackerd/exhausted/bitten.. well you know what i mean.. an adventure most of us dream about undertaking... but know full well we will never live it out...


That is a good-looking wild stew! I like the garlic flowers. But you need a cold beer to wash it down with, I think. Or a warm one, as the case may be...


The sink unit is a work of art, loving the blog and your enthusiasm explodes from the text. You are making a lot of people very jealous I think, so keep up the excellent photographs and tales from the treehouse.

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