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June 03, 2009



Once again, in awe of what you've achieved to date. Cannae wait to come and have a nosy. Will know about dates very soon - just waiting on something.

The Curious Cat

I love chicken hearts - bbqed with a bit of soy sauce - delicious!


You make me laugh and very green with envy when I sneak a peak at your blog whilst sat at my office desk. I always wanted a Wendy house when I was little and never got one. I made friends with a girl who lived nearby who had rich parents and her dad built her a mud hut in their woodlands. I didnt like her much, but I loved her hut and continued to play in it even when she went on holiday!! Can I be your friend? When are you going on holiday!! I think the chicken hearts may benefit from a splash of brandy.


great job nick - walls looking fab. in paris at this end. ce la vie...

gary williams

i am thouroughly enjoying this, you are doing brilliantly.. & im soddin green with envy.. keep it up & keep posting..

Billy Boy

Get real motherfucker. You are just playing. Wish we could all play but real life takes over for the majority of us. only wealthy boys or the well connected can afford the time to play like this.


Thank you for your kind comments "Billy Boy" your use of expletives is very well thought out, I must say. I will be honest, I am neither wealthy nor well connected, the treehouse project is actually my job at present- I write a column and I am writing a book about my experiences. So in terms of "playing"... I wish I was!

Melbourne Roof Restoration

there will be more bits and bobs from the hedgerow than you could ever find in Huge Furry-Whippingtool’s big shaggy mane.

Joseph Moore

Upon looking at the pictures, I feel like coming back to my young old days. We used to climb mountains with my father and other siblings and stay there for two days. That's our bonding moment!

Eugene Head

Perhaps the tree house is done by now. Care for a little sneak peak? It's a great idea to have your own little spot in the middle of the forest. Those chicken hearts look so tempting. Yep, so much you can do with Tabasco! =)

Lino Kosters

Spot on, Eugene! Having a place where you can convene with nature is definitely a great idea! A simple tree house with a good roof and walls can do the trick. It is like having your own little world in the middle of the forest. :-)

Guy Harrill

Great pics. Loved that your one with nature. Hope the rabbits where tasty. :)

Allyson Ripple

You're quite a daredevil for doing stunts like that! But you should try to consider wearing protective clothing while doing carpentry jobs. Wear some gloves, and have a rope ladder within your body when climbing the roof top. Safety measures are important for we don't know when accidents might happen. By the way, nice picture you got there. You're one heck of a hunter!

Handmade Tiles

Looks like you were having fun there. Although i wasn't sure what the meat in the picture was. Was that the lamb's leg or the chicken hearts on a skewer?

Either way I hope it tasted better than it looked especially as about 3/4 of the way up it looks like a fly is feeding on it!

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