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July 04, 2009


Lennie Nash

That really is a marvelous looking brown trout. I bet it was delicious wasn't it! Anyway keep up the good work in the Shire. Keep it safe!


Yep, you have certainly picked a good year to follow your dream - the last 2 wouldnt have produced such fabulous looking pictures. How do you think you'll adjust back into civvy street?

The Curious Cat

Did you eat that trout - head, bones and all in a bap?!

Must be a very peaceful life...maybe you should get a radio if you ever fancy connection with the outside world?

Caroline Wakefield

Just found your website, truly inspiring. Trouble is, I'm useless myself at manual tasks. All brain (well, not that brainy, but you know what I mean)and no brawn. It's my dearest wish to occupy a unit in an eco community. Could I put my name down now, in case you expand in the future?! I'm a homoeopath, which is handy for all concerned.
You write very well, and I should know, I've been an publishing editor. Well done, mate!

axel g

Truly inspiring!

Most of us have lost touch with nature, but the photos remind us of its beauty and charm...


Just stumbled upon this. Inspirational stuff! I am truly envious.

SHahbaz Khan

Stumble it when i was boring, now i feel super fresh, amazing lifestyle :)


Great stuff. The oven is really impressive! Enjoy your time outdoors!

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