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August 25, 2009



Got any cobs yet?

The tree in the corner of our carpark was bowed over with clusters of five, six, seven. I brought some in, and my fiance (who has lived here for 20 years) looked at them and said "Can you _eat_ those?"


oh that fool looks superbly delicious! Will have to try that sometime...I don't cook but even that looks easy enough and most of all rewarding too!!! THX...hope your cut heals quickly...

The Curious Cat

What did you use the mint sugar for? That fool looks lush...and I never realised 100 species of blackberry...they all look the same to me...as for those eggs - please do share the recipe! Oh and mushrooms - how do you ensure you don't pick the nasty ones? Did you do a course?! xxx


'I aint getting in no tree house - fool!'


I am a big fan of the wild blackberry. Blackberry picking is something I have done since I was very small and I currently have a freezer full. I'll have a go at the fool. Ive also got some Blackberry Liquer on the go too. Wear flip flops when going to the loo!!


I am totally loving the idea of that mint sugar. very nice indeed.


Stunning! Will copy mint sugar!

Nick Weston

Glad you like the sugar! I think, perhaps, your father never building you a treehouse may have inflicted certain underlying phycological stress...its never to late to build one yourself!
I have some free space in end of sept-oct so perhaps you you could pop down then if you are still keen?

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Stunning! Will copy mint sugar!

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Would love to Nick. Shall I bring anything?

celebrity videos

Hey fool, give me blackberry.

Thailand Breeze

Thanks for sharing this easy, but delicious recipe.
It looks really good!

I wish we have fresh berries in Thailand :(

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