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August 19, 2009



Wow, what an amazing adventure! Sounds like you got a good haul too. I can't believe I didn't even get around to eating any samphire this year. Criminal.

Invisible G.

It's amazing! The abundance available in one's own backyard. Great post!


good giggle... nice work me old son. regards from tel aviv where the most i forage for is a delicious spicey shwarma and sexy israeli girl in some bar ;-)

Ian Paterson

Regarding what to do with eggs, a recipe was posted on my favorite cooking blog "Cook Like your Grandmother":


The Curious Cat

Wow - amazing photos! I'd be afraid that not knowing the rivers you might get stuck in some rapids or dangerous waters though -would that be possible? We were talking about you last night at dinner. Harry had his friend Andy round -who also forages and is an author of such matters and I asked if you guys had ever met. Harry said he'll have to introduce you one day... xxx


Top post Nick and a joy to be a part of it.Great training for the Mekong and a few trip inspired recipes are now up on the site. www.thehungrycyclist.com


cracking post that... and to help you out with the question 'but what came first?', it was the egg. peas x

Jordan Retro 14

Brilliant! What a great read. That was a good post - informative but not too heavy. Thanks for taking the time out to write it! I think spirituality is really important too, we certainly agree on that point. A leader without spirituality is missing a key element.

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