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September 07, 2009



I think I will be a Vegetarian now until I forget about these images...lol I still thought it was VERY cool though. And amazing that you were brave enough to even DARE try this! I've eaten LIVE baby octopus and butterfly larvae while in Korea. That is something you should try sometime...the larvae I DON'T THINK tastes very good and well the octopus while still moving takes on any flavour you put with it...it's just rubbery.

THX for bringing me on your adventure!


You are one attention seeking, shocking, BUTCHER! ;-) hhahaa!! That was kinda sick. But you are right, "at least I know where my meat comes from"... fair play. Have a good week Mr Treehouse Kruger... ;-)

The Curious Cat

Nice last photos- poor badger...but still, at least he didn't die in vain - he went on to fulfil one last purpose in his life and I think that is good. I'd like to try badger meat - what does it taste like/what meat is it similiar to? Rather you than me on the skinning and carving front though I'd like to learn how to do all that without being squemish about it...xxx


I love the way you posted the recipe so that we can try this at home!!! Possible the most gruesome blog phot's I have ever seen. Very brave.


I really don't understand why some people will happily eat the meat they find in Tesco's, but are repulsed by something different.

I can't see how anyone would have a problem with eating an animal that had already been killed and was just waiting to get squashed futher on to the road. Too much gets wasted (food and otherwise) by people who think they're saving the planet.

Invisible G.

I find it amusing that some commenters are shocked by the photos. Think about it.. how does ground beef end up on your table? They don't gently place cows on a memory foam pillow and tap a magic wand-- Wala! Burgers galore.

It strikes me what you're illustrating is how it was truly done centuries ago. And frankly, I vote for eating a deceased badger from the side of the road rather than a hundred tortured, doped up cows.

You make meat palpable to me,and I'm a vegetarian!


Well done fella. Great stuff.


great post nick - just in from some wild boar hunting in france. just as bloody.
nice make up!

Fergus Drennan

Viva la marigolds!
The irony is - and I didn't mention this in your call because you bloody spoilt it!- is that after reading that people bring you a gift when they visit you, I had decided to bring over a badger! Your last picture is brutal in its honesty - unlike the almost scientific pictures I took for The Ecologist blog when I skinned a badger. Also,as such, it is a work of art! Roadkill Adam would be proud!I love him!
Three cheers for Arthur Boyt - the lunatic! Good on you for giving some of the burgers to Tom Parker-Bowles. Next stop, Prince Charles and then, finally, the Queen!


My husbands Father was once presented with the gift of a road kill deer but never a badger.

Kevin Shannon

Fantastic post. I heard about this via your tweet and was hoping for a similar tasty roadkill treat on my highlands escapade (http://www.becauseitisthere.co.uk) but alas it was not be. I saw a badger that had succumbed to the tires of a car a few weeks back. Kicking myself now!

Fantastic blog by the way! Will try and read from start to finish when i get home after the weekend.


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Well done for getting in there and butchering that badger! I think I would give it a god for sure - the eating of it that is. I'm not sure I'd butcher it unless I had to as the descriptions of the overpowering scent made me feel a bit queasy!


I meant 'give it a go' obviously - not 'give it a god'!

rob barrett

Unbelievable, great, great post. Very interesting, wish I could have tasted it, kind of. I should do an episode on it.

Rob Barrett
host of Cooking for Dads


just tasted road kill badger in a curry, all kids tried the meat before it became curry, and surprisingly all of them liked it and compared it to lamb but not quite as fatty, i thought it tasted great, would even consider it as sunday roast.


Great that you do not like to see waste, good on you!

Nick Weston

Olly- If you want to try something different you DO have to go that extra mile...Badger highly recommended!


Dear Mr. Weston

As an MA student Documentary filmmaking, I am making a documentary about roadkill.

I would like to show others how to make good use of a wasted kill.

Would you be interested to participate on this for a day? You will be one of three participants. All of you have a different approach towards roadkill.

Kind regards

Mike Jones

Hahahahaha Mr Boyt! "Here's my freezer... badger legs, dog, hedgehog, barn owl very nutricious ...off the A30, very good road the A30, oh look, a green badger, yes thats a 30 day old badger thats starting to go a bit, see how the fat has a tinge of green, will taste very good though that!"

What a legend!


it's good to see road kill not going to waste; plus people need to get a grip if they eat meat, many are too used to seeing clean processed meat. i didn't enjoy the random (unnecessary?) photos of the badger head and feets though!
if i wasn't vegi i'd eat road kill all the time, because im a tight arse.


Nice one! :)
Hehe, you are clearly not an experienced hunter, judged by the way you skin and butch the animal :D
You should learn some better techniques so you can preserve the skin aswell. But I think it's very good what you are doing, not waisting the cadaver. It's free meat, not as good as deer or moose, but still more healthy than supermarked-meat from lifestock fed up on gmo and drugs. Just remember to cook it thoroughly! The meat is often infested with parasites which are common in predators. Good luck getting more roadkill-food! :)

e hunter

I always thought that smelly animals did not taste good .
hope this is not too late to be read


I've just been pointed in the direction of this site as I mentioned to a friend I was boiling up some badger meat.Mine was a male, knocked down by a car.I always assumed males woukd smell really bad, but this one, although strong, wasn't too bad (If you can cope with dog fox, which is VILE you should be able to cope with badger)loads of fat on it though, but it smells like lamb to me.I'm trying to dry out the skin too & am salting it every day, but not sure if it'll work or not. I'm a big fan of roadkill (provided it's really fresh of course)& living in a village with a very fast road going through it, we tend to get an awful lot of squished animals.

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