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September 20, 2009



I'm not a fan of cheese - but this was interesting! I love that last picture of you and your friends.


Nick you should change this blog to "Heaver Gatherer" and have a picture of you heaving (would go perfectly with you know what just below)... ;-)

So when are you actually leaving the treehouse? How do you feel about being there after nearly 6 months?


Fantastic! Great idea to fry it up...
This reminds me of my last proper boyfriend, a complete David Icke obsessive and nutter, but a fantastic carpenter and hunter/gatherer.
He built my shed (on latest post) out of skipped materials.
He used to only eat 'freegan' stuff out of supermarket bins. Once he got a huge amount of milk (pasteurised though so not as good as what you got,lucky you can't be pregnant). He made all these cheese moulds out of tin cans punctured with holes.
The stuff tasted really good.
He also made his own fruit press, a barbecue out of a wheel hub, a chandelier from a bicycle frame and a fire bath which is a bath you fill with water then light a fire underneath. (I've now got one in my garden).
I suppose it's going to get a bit tougher for you in the winter months and I look forward to reading how you get on.
Let me know when I can come down...I have dinners this weekend then a gap for two weeks except for a tea on the 4th.


this is cool - I'm chuffed to see you're still going strong and enthusiastic. Well done!
Need any more books?

The Curious Cat

Wicked post - it does look relative simple eh?! Would love to try it out - the last photo looks fun too! Loved the first quote too! :) xxx


I would love to give it a go. One of my dreams jobs would be "Artisan Cheesmaker" (inspired by Alex James of Blur fame, and Judy Bell)

hungry cyclist

fine looking cheese - very similar to labanet a fresh cheese found in the middle east and as simple to make. shame i wont get to try any

off a week on thursday and have a few drinks this thursday to make sure i dont change my mind... if you're about?


Invisible G.

That cheese looks dee-lish! It reminds me of Saganaki - pan fried Greek cheese. Yum.. and quite easy to make as you nicely illustrated.


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