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October 05, 2009


The Curious Cat

Wow - lots to digest! Congratulations on your engagement - that is wonderful - you must be over the moon!

The pigeon jerky sounds very inventive and tasty - what a great thing to try out! Loved this entry - though I love most of them! xxx


Looking at all the various things you eat, I for one will not share that treehouse with you when i eventually come to visit. Pen & ink from the pickled eggs and pigeon jerky must be something. Ur gonna have to do better than for the future wife ;-)

Congrats! So how long more will you stay in the treehouse for? Also, how about making something a little less full of red meat? How about you do some fishing and make yourself a fish soup complete with freshly baked bread croutons and some cheese made from your local cows - the challenge is on!


Congratulations, and best wishes for a long and happy life together


Invisible G.

I thought I saw a certain ring on a certain finger. That's aces! Congrats to both of you.

Once again, your culinary skills draw me into consuming meat again. :)

Pigeon Hunter

I enjoyed reading your blog, I just know that pigeons can be made to jerky .. hmmm ... yummmyyyy ... I think it would taste delicious, but the more interesting in this blog is a decoy to trick the pigeons.

Jessica Gray

That ring is actually Tom's finger if you look at the wrinkles and camo jacket. Nonetheless congratulations...how will she appreciate treehouse life though?


Congratulations on your engagement! and your rabbit skin rug and pigeon haul, of course.


Nice one on the pigeons! You shoulda plucked them though -- easy-peasy, and the skin is the best part! I especially like the "live" decoy. That would be illegal in the US, BTW.

Dandelion Daydreamer

I met your lovely fiance in Rip curl! We will take care of her for you :) Fascinating blog!! Looking forward to meeting you in Dec, Sorcha

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