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November 09, 2009



The tree house looks so sad :-(

Cool cup, and get better soon!

Michael Janzen

I bet there will be many days when you long for the civilized life left back in the tree house.

Hope you kick that cold quick.


Shame about the tube experience. What a knob! Thats so typical. Probably if you'd belted him one, that would have silenced him nicely ;-)

Treehouse looks bare. So you didn't take up my challenge to cook Christmas lunch there for your family? I knew it could not be done!! ;-)

Enjoy the good life. I bet ur secretly loving it.

The Curious Cat

Oh I hope you feel better soon...it is sad to see the tree house like that...and that cityboy...idiot...why do people have to be like that?! xxx


Would have been so funny if you had gotten your Crocodile Dundee sized knife out!! Your story wound me up (like it did you I suppose). Ive loved you tree house stories.


The hot toddy gives the most incredible warm feeling, such a wonderful drink. And I totally agree with you re whiskey choice - it would be sacrilage to use a single malt.

Get well soon!


Nick.. we went to Spain yesterday to a Spanish Hyper Market and I saw the biggest bottle of famous grouse whiskey I have EVER seen..would have been perfect for this blog!!-i took a photo4 u.
The treehouse looks so sad now ..I can't bear it!! xx


What a great find your website is!
Have been sat here reading for far too long now - the joys of having a bad cold too!
I like the hot toddy idea, but prefer brandy to whisky, unless of course it's a Bowmore, but like you say that would be a waste! Would love to follow your site but no "follow" button to be found, and have therefore added you to my bloglist!
Carry on the good work! I look forward to perhaps getting your book and having a thorough read - Christmas is coming and all that,
Take care and enjoy your toddies!



Love that you actually asked the guy on the train to cover his mouth - so many people who must think about saying it and never do.

Have you tried orange in the hot toddy instead of lemon? Controversial deviation from the original I know, but is surprisingly good.

Invisible G.

I adore a decent hot toddy! Yeesh, welcome back to London life. Sounds as though you're experiencing immediate frustration and some culture shock.


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