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December 15, 2009



Sorry but i find all these unusual things you like eating; squirrels, badger, frogs legs, smails etc really f*cking disgusting. The fact that I'm Jewish and don't eat meat with milk makes the whole idea of adding butter even worse (sorry!! im a big fan honest!)... love the rest of your stories though and will be looking forward to the book. Merry Christmas to you anyway and all else who are reading... from sunny Tel Aviv ;-)


ps: the pics are awesome. amazing clarity. great camera that i-phone.

The Curious Cat

Gorgeous photos! As for frogs legs...maybe I need to try them this way...I had them on pizza once and I thought they were overated...but I guess pizza probably wasn't the best way to start...still, do they still kill them like the rumours say - cutting off their legs whilst they are still alive? xxx


Never tried 'em - but I would if someone offered to cook them. Perhaps you could serve them at your book launch party!! Have a great Christmas


The frogs legs were yum..i don't like the look of the them or even the thought of what it is, but your cooking as always made them super tasty! Merci mon cherie


necessity is the father of invention...tasty tasty - plenty of frogs out here in Laos too. the locals cant get enough of them and they dont stop with the legs... happy christmas nick, hope the writing is going well and looking forward to catching up with a beer in 2010.

a bientot


Armadillo Pepper

Growing up as a kid in Kentucky, we used to take all night trips and gig frogs. The next evening we would have a big frog leg fry. Now, I'm in Florida, but fortunately there is a local seafood restaurant where I can still get some frog legs. Great post.

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