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March 10, 2010



I love your business card. I agree with you golden rule, posting frequently is a good one. If a blog hasn't posted in a couple months it's time to say go by to them on my reader/blogroll and make time for new ones. I say you post enough that you are meeting that role. I think people realize some people post every day, and some a few times a month...

Replying to comments isn't as big of an issue for me, unless there is an actual question. I usually just stop by that persons blog, comment on one of their posts and acknowledgment the fact that they came by and say thanks!

Thanks for all the suggestions for good reads... I'll have to check out a few!

This Tiny House

Ditto on the business card. Loverly.

Hey thanks for the mention! You dropped off my blogroll but I'll add you now that you're posting again.

Green Gal

Great list! I added two of them to my blog list :-)


Don't really know what to say to that, Nick. Honoured, truly. Love the business cards as well - did you do the artwork?


Some fabulous blogs there. I think I found you through the Cottage Small holder. I love reading blogs for the inspiration I get - for cooking, walking,camping, visiting places etc etc Fab cards by the way.


Erikajean- Glad you like the card, I think your commenting style is a good'un! might have to do more of that.

Tiny house- Anytime, hows the trailer coming along?

Green gal- Got any for me to check out?

Alex- Don't mention it, always a damn fine read! As for the card, I came up with the line drawing and got the fiancee to do the computer bit on illustrator as she designs then got 500 printed for £50...bargain basement.

Diane- Thanks, Slowly moving into adventure blogs these days, but most seem to be about cycling or polar expeds. One I forgot to mention is Ed Stafford's Walking the Amazon- interesting read.

medieval clothes

I will be Congratulating people who mind this great category of reading in these new (and continuing) projects.
I know a bit that you'll always keep writing and publishing, so I'm already looking forward to following you at another address. Best wishes for the holidays.

Keep up the good work and perseverance.

Cottage Smallholder

Thanks for the mention Nick. Much appreciated.


Nick, the x-factor for me about your blog is not about when you post but what. For me its exciting for someone to go and live on the fat of the land. Thats the real goldust! The details about blogs that you've helpfully provided doesn't make any difference to me. I've flipped thru them and probably won't read any of them.

Once the book is out with additional press and TV I can see great things for you on the horizon... May not happen this year, but its on the cards because you have what it takes; passion (blog or otherwise)


Giles- Very kind comment...thanks, will do my best to keep the content 'real'. I must admit I do get disheartened by the 'look what i had for supper last night' type of blogs, actually the worst kind of food bloggers are those that take photos of what they ate at a smart restaurant- a fine why to detract from the experience for themselves and everyone around you!

Lets hope things happen, but quite often if you want something done, you have to do it yourself.



My pleasure. I hate to sound too commercial but its all about "the product" (in terms of establishing a successful career online and TV. The product in this case is a guy who goes out there and "does stuff" showing the average guy at home this alternative outdoors lifestyle - im sure you realise that. You successfully transferring the experience of eating at home to eating up a tree, still warm and dry (or in a cave turned cosy nook) is definitely what its all about I reckon. Therefore, you'll continue to do this no doubt and us seeing you have this existence doing normal type stuff like making dinner and breakfast, is the unique thing.

I'm sure I'm preaching to the church here!! Again, can't wait for the cave experience.


Thanks so much Nick.
I'm having the first Underground farmers & craft market this sunday if you are about... be nice to meet you! Some interesting people coming along, like the guy that makes camembert and roquefort in his Peckham airing cupboard! Urban cheeses!
And Giles..oi...I 'does stuff' ...


Oh, and like the card btw

This Tiny House

We're actually living in the (unfinished) trailer while renovating our new house. This should get interesting...


I most enjoy blogs where it is clear the writer is doing it for themselves and just sharing with the world their experiences, when blogs start to become commercial I think they lose their charm, and the writer is put under pressure to perform. Just enjoy your down time, it will make the summer posts all the stronger.
I love the business cards too.

Richard @ Eco Living Advice

A really good list here and a number that are new to me to thanks very much for the information. Will definately be returning.

Jean at The Delightful Repast

Love your business card! Came to your unique blog through googling "business cards for food bloggers." Can't wait to come back and read more and check out the blogs you listed above--when I'm not totally fixated on this biz card thing!

Nick Weston

Hi Jean,

Thanks for the comment, I know what you mean- I hassled my fiancee to get it done on Illustrator till it was perfect!

Hope it all comes together!


To: [email protected]

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