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March 14, 2010



This made me laugh so much !!! I'd love to see a Crayfish in the wild - i'll keep looking.

The Curious Cat

Sounds really good! I've always wanted to go crayfish hunting! Interesting post once again! xxx

Dave Turner

G'day Nick.
Love what you're doing here. Cray fishing is pretty popular in Australia. Is it possible to spear the crays at night? I know it works for fresh water prawns in Queensland. Using a torch lights up their eyes to make them easily visible. Spear fishing is popular too in aus, some argue it's a more economical and kinder way to fish as you only target the one fish you need rather than risk hurting many fish you may end up throwing back.

Love the Treehouse, that photo in the snow is genius.


Love the Crayfish post - I was out on the Kennet near Newbury last week and didn't get a bite, still too early methinks! Come July it is absolutely full with them. We use bacon or ham, any meat that goes out of date goes into the bait bag in the freezer and it all seems to work. We then use a piece of string with a tent peg tied at either end - one goes into the ground and the other has the bacon tied around it. We have about 5 lines in each and pull out between 10 and 20 an hour! A trick I learned from watching Ray Mears was to break the tail off at the second vertibrae(think that's what they are called) and then you can pull it's crapsack out and this takes all the mess away. I then shove a barbecue stick up the hole and chuck them on the barbie, crack the tail and claws open with some pliers when they have turned red and pop inside a leaf of homegrown cos lettuce with a dollop of mayo. You are right they are truly deliciious!!

Nick Weston

Hey steve,

Thanks for the comment- like the idea of a bait bag in the freezer- might have to start my own!


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does anyone know if they have started appearing in the kennet at newbury yet???... i was there a few weeks ago and nothing!!! i have since bought a small trap.. what is the best method for this??

Nick Weston

Thanks for the comment Rory, Try small streams with deep rocky pools, the clearer the better. bait up with bacon and add a banana skin to the trap, gives of the same scent as the females...so ive heard!

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Thanks alot mate i will try that and let you know how i get on! Oh and do i leave the trap overnight nick?

Paulie L

Love the taste of Crayfish, seriously delicious... Catching your own freshwater Lobster and devouring loud over bearing American immigrants whilst saving an endangered native species. What could be better! If you love Wild Food why not check out my blog http://wildfoodmushroomsfishingblogspot.com, gormet recipes from natures finest Wild ingredients!!

Paulie L

Gourmet, not Gormet.... Check out the blog anyway!! ;-)


Got a trap dropped it in thre Thames near Abingdon this morning with a small tine of tuna cracked open went for a walk with the dogs and one hour later 3 crayfish. One was 8" long, another 6" (full of eggs), and a small one about 4". Popped in the pot within 10 minutes and had them for lunch. Great.
Back tomorrow for more


Hi all cray-fish lovers, can anyone please tell me where the best place is to cath the little buggers. I live on the south-side of Birmingham. My mouth is watering, just reading these posts.
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hi all ive got 4 traps a modified landing and a drop net can't wait for April im going to hit the Basingstoke canal hard!!!!!
I do like the idea of the string tied to little rods great idea will be doing that to All the best to you all good luck


Found a great place in Oxford where a stream runs through a pub, loads of people fishing for crayfish here. I was just out today and caught around 20 of them in about 2 hours just using some string with sausage tied to the end of it (they love bacon as well). Once they grabbed the sausage pull them in gently and then scoop a net under them, sometimes they get away as they are pretty fast in water when they know something is not quite right! got them all in a couple of buckets right now to boil tomorrow for lunch:)


A great spot is the Wey near Guildford. The first time I went, not knowing whether I'd get any I dropped a couple of traps in for two hours when I went for a canoe and came back to find close to 90 crayfish! I understand from the environment agency that once caught you can't return them so we ate them literally by the bucketload. Although good boiled I found that they were best cutting the tail and the claws off and bbq'ing with garlic butter. bbq'ing also means the shell is brittle and therefore is easier to peel...

Nick Weston

Wow! 90 crayfish! that is a haul...

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was introduced to crayfishing by a friend, we caught just shy of 200 in 2 hours, boiled,peeled and frozen, we applied for tags with the EA but they run out in 2012, so off out again this morning, fingers crossed

Melanie Daryl

There's a lot of crayfish in this river, Nick. They are very easy to catch. You can just use your hands. Their meat is not substantial for a decent meal. But one can still fill your stomach, and it can taste really good.

mode für mollige damen

That kins of recipe was indeed excellent. I was not able to try it to some other restaurants and I have not seen it either.


These angry omnivores will devour just about anything that they come across and have the same level of aggression as a Millwall supporter after heartwarming cocktail of drink and drugs.

Restless Native

Does Anyone know of Crayfish on the River Erme or another river in South Devon ?

Glen Miller

Just discovered you website Nick, totally love it. I love the philosophy of being self sufficient and living off the land so to speak. I too grew up and lived very close to Ashdown forest (Uckfield) and was heavily involved in local crayfish trapping a couple of years back.

I would used approx ten traps at a time and usually have about a 10-15kg haul each day which amounted to about 4-5 buckets full, was a bit like Bubba from Forest Gump but crayfish instead of shrimp. I found that using a tin of fish based cat food that is high in jelly of gravy very successful as bait. I’d pierce the can several times and this bait would last about 3 days in the trap, just empty the trap each day and saves rebaiting. Trapping on this level is heavily governed by Defra, and understandably so but once I got the licence that was it.

I have since moved away to Seaford on the coast so its not as worthwhile trapping any longer due to the travelling, I miss those snippy little blighters (or at least miss the taste of them) but I’d love to hone my skills elsewhere, maybe I’ll try squirrel or rabbit trapping next who knows.
Anyone wants any advice, I’ll be happy to help

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Hi I live in Sevenoaks does any body know we're my nearest place to catch signals ?


My email address is [email protected]
I'd love to know we're I can take the kids to have a day crayfish fishing near Sevenoaks Kent

steve oliver

Hi, what a fab thread !
Does anyone know of any crayfish sites in hampshire ?
I've tried a few places but no luck.

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