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April 12, 2010


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I don't know if I can do this sleeping on the cave,...any ways it looks fun.


Awesome micro adventure Nick! Loved that. Especially the roasting of steaks and downing of ales at night in a cave whilst swapping stories of folklore - now that's living! Was wondering about the long fire, isn't there a way to keep it going for longer? I was almost expecting to read that it had kept you warm the entire night, now that would have been something.

The only thing I have done recently in terms of "micro-ness" is drive down to the Dead Sea for live music concert (local Israeli artists) which was excellent. Then carry huge amounts of tent equipment down a steep slope, put up tent, inflate mattress and not go to bed until 4.30am... get woken up at 8.30am with food poisoning from badly cooked barbque... and have to lug all the stuff up the slope again and drive home via petrol station toilets... :-( still the music was good!!

So when is the book released??

The Curious Cat

I enjoyed this adventure! Love ghost stories - I think it all adds to the drama and fun! The cave looks wicked! Lucky you getting to kip there...and I bet the morning mist and sandwiches were pretty divine! xxx


You have obviously inherited some of your uncle's cooking skills: That steak wrapped in fresh wild garlic leaves....Yummy. What an experience!

Nick Weston

Yes it was great...apart from the folklore! Which uncle?

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Nick Weston

Well if you ask nicely...you will be suprised what doors you can open! Glad you liked it.

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Nick Weston

Hey Giles,

Music sounds good...food poisoning not so good! There must be some caves in your neck of the woods surely? why not try it out?

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Nick Weston

you can do anything if you put your mind to it!

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I was with you all the way. That is until I saw the spider pic! The hound would have been a doddle in comparison. Gulp!

Nick Weston

Thanks for the comment, the spiders were not too bad as they were tangible creatures...the hound on the other hand, well...

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Head Torches

Hey, I'm sure you won't forget it. I was once camping in the Okavango delta and in the night I thought a warthog is aroung our tent - I'm glad I didn't know at that time that it was a hippo...

Stewart Seale

You can get a tiny fixed-spool reel to go with your mini-rod...

Nick Weston

Really? Where from?


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Dan Baillie

This is superb, primitive wild camping. Not so sure about the spiders but I must try this. Great work

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It gets pretty cold in caves!

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