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April 20, 2010



Congratulations Nick! I will definitely get a copy. Can't wait for the next big adventure!!


Well done - looks brilliant

ben keene

Tree-mendous Mr.Weston. looks awesome.


That looks awesome. The book don't look bad either.

Funny to see Mail readers being so snarky and disparaging. It's not like them at all. Oh. Wait. That's not true. Let it wash over you like an April shower (sure you already have)

Thanks for the shout-out. This summer is looking less manic so we'll get something sorted. Looking forward to getting connected to my inner cro-magnon

Nick Weston

Thanks Alex,

Yes will have to take you on some caveman escapades this summer, just trying to sort out some stuff for follow up book, any news on post-masterchef activity?

To: nickweston@hotmail.com

Nick Weston

Tree-mendous! Why have i not thought of using that!?

To: nickweston@hotmail.com

The Curious Cat

Congratulations on your book - it looks wicked! Will look out for it in the shops soon! xxx


I have spent the weekend reading your book and I've about 50 pages left. Really enjoying it. I'm a vegetarian (purely because I don't enjoy eating meat), but the badger prep' passage was very interesting and I know my kids would be fascinated by the backwoods butchery you talk about when doing foraging courses for the campers!
Really glad I discovered your book. it's made me dig out my old bushcraft gear and get into the woods again.


Finished! Loved every page. Thanks Nick.

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Come over to a tropical country like Malaysia and test your skills there :)!

(so I could meet you anyway)

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