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May 22, 2010



Hey Nick, I would like to congratulate you on a fantastic project and cannot wait to read the book! Is there some way that I could buy a signed copy directly through you? Normally i would be down at that pub drinking the nettle beer but I can't because I'm in Tel Aviv. Wishing you a great book launch and let me know the best way to purchase this signed copy pls. Thanks !!


Ooh I really want to come. I'll try. but am writing own book....x

Nick Weston

Do please try and make it- my nettle beer will be going around...good, cheap future grog for your supperclub visitors!

To: [email protected]

Nursing top

wow!! nice flower!! So many buds that blooms!!
Hmm so lovely!!


Nick I emailed you.

Antonino Catalanotto

Hey Nick!

I would have bought your book a 100% sure. But tomorrow morning I'll take my bycicle and ride form my home (Lausanne, Switzerland) to India. And as my luggage is already too heavy I'll not be able to take it with me. But I promise you that when I come back you'll get my order.

Your blog is increddible, and I'll read it wherever I get to internet. I'll put in practice some of your tricks, I plan to feed on pigeons and rabbits + fish and maybe some crawfish during the trip.

Looking forward to read from your blog

Mike Jones

YEY!!!!! have received my copy through amazon today! CANNOT WAIT to get stuck in. Well done Nick. You're my idol!!! lol

The Curious Cat

oh what a shame! I just got back from Paris...would have popped along! I hope it went well?! xxx

lyn jones

hi nick...ive just picked up the 'cornish times' and seen an article about you living in a tree house...i thought you may be the guy that i came across also living in a tree house here in cornwall.What a place,and right next to a little river.I didnt disturb the guy,he didnt know i saw him.i walk alot with my dog,but go to places where i shouldnt (private woods etc).i love to walk where not many have been to....I cant tell you how envyious i am of you being able to do that.my ex boyfriend lived in a bender for a year,it was great..well done and good luck with the book.

Nick Weston

H Lyn,

Thanks for the comment, It wasnt me- I was in Sussex, but cornwall would be a great place to do it!

Am looking into bender living at the moment- any info would be most welcome!



To: [email protected]

AA to MP3

I am new here,At first,congratulations,but I have no idea where to buy the book here,you can
sharing some on your blog,So that many people can read it.Thanks.

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