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August 06, 2010



Amazing job! Love the new crib! I did think of you whilst watching Alone in the Wild - do you know this programme? That poor guy trying to make it in the Yukon could have used ur skills at building an amazing treehouse for him to live in. If there's anything you should be doing its testing yourself to the limits and helping someone out (whilst creating the opportunity to build on existing media interest and a new book?)... my two shekels worth.. I've sold my apartment and also looking for my next project, good luck to us both!


Treehouse or barn, you have a knack for making a place homely. I'd be in 7th heaven, it's lovely.

Mimi Martin

Impressivly done! For years I've wanted to build /live in a house built in the shell of a barn...almost with a sense of a "secret abode"...and you have lived my dream....Thank you!

The Curious Cat

Wow that is impressive. I do really admire you...I love what you are doing and I'm sure the missus is a very lucky lady...Keep us posted - I love reading your entries! xxx


Looks absolutely fantastic - what's the bet that some people would pay good money to spend a rustic weekend there? :)

Yay for Chez Minus too! Can't wait to get back there in a couple of months (visiting the rellies).

The Flying Tortoise

A joy to behold. Congratulations to you!

Plum Kitchen

I just love it! How clever you are, we do get so bound up in possessions (I moved recently, oh the crap,unbelievable......)and forget the most elemental joys, your kitchen is perfect.


Iam impressed! Reminds me of a hermitage in the woods when I visited at the Gethsemane Abbey in Kentucky. The Trappist Monks there lead a life with daily contact with nature and make the best use of the elements around them.

Garry Easton

Wow, that's the gnarliest house I've ever seen in my life. Just perfect for an outdoors man like you. It's so quaint and simple, even the bathroom is very much medieval. I love the bucket shower, that's so unique! You're not shunning modern things, aren't you?

Son Lakhani

Whoa! You're amazing! Well, since you're that adventurous and you obviously love living away from modern things, why not try living the life of the outdoors next time? That would be exciting!

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Selena Manchester

You are simply amazing! You live so close to nature than anyone. I would enjoy listening to squirrels scampering though the roof, an owl hooting in the night, and maybe a coyote howling at the moon. You can hear all these from the safety of your barn. If I had the chance, that I would do. Though taking a dump in a bucket is not an idea for me.

Katy Desroches

I think you did an impressive job in turning this barn into an amazing living space! I can never tell that it is an old barn if I did not see the before photos. It looks rustic and rough on the surface – in a good way.

Jon Cunningham

This is a great way to live. Very inspirational! I'm curious to know how many unwanted visitors you've had to take care of with that rifle. Is it hard to hold your own turf?

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