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October 05, 2010


The hungry cyclist

well im coming to stay! sounds like a bloody great time - bon chance and dont forget the cheese!


Hee! I love this post, but then I love Hossegor :) Am also out visiting my family there at the end of the month, some of whom work for Rip Curl too, hmm.. wonder if they know your other half :)

I am dreaming of ceps, hoping that my aunt's foraging is going awesomely well this year.. and moules chez Minus.. and Mamie's soupe au poisson.. Not a good time to be on a diet!

p.s. the huts in the water - is that l'Etang Blabc?


Or Blanc, even *head!desk*


I'd love to live in France - the French so have it sorted. Can't wait to see your reports. xx


I adore les landes! Do visit the ile de re near la rochelle too, dig up clams at low tide and make spag vong on a campfire.
Your girlfriend is beautiful, well worth moving country for...


Love the post nick...wish we were still walking on stilts though..how funny!!
Get your arse out here pronto!!
Sophie, who are you visiting?


J'adore J'adore!


Have a look at the David Lebovitz blog, it is a must for anyone moving to France.

The Curious Cat

awww....sweet post and quite envious! What an adventure ahead! xxx


Where were you surfing in Sussex Nick? May have seen you in the water?


Well... given the opportunity who wouldn't go eh? Fantastic adventure and when your with your lady its great to share it together. Look forward to hearing more as the trip begins.

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