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October 24, 2010



Wow! Impressive Nick and super mouth watering I think this is one of the tastiest and most imaginative dishes ive seen you create so far... Bravo!

Unfortunately there aren't many squirrels where I live... Would this work with camel?

Nick Weston

Hey Giles,

Thanks very much! It would indeed work with a Camel, although you might end up up with quite a few pasties...


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Mark Robinson

like your blog nick!you have inspired me to get on with bloging my own little wild adventures with a bit more gusto. please take a look i would love some feedback and if you ever are in west sussex dont hesitate to give me a buzz.



Nick if i come across any camels in Tel Aviv today they are gonna be turned into thousands of pasties!! ;-)

Sarah moore

Hello! Just come across this original blog. Really enjoyed this squirrel post. I live near said Budgens and clearly haven't tried hard enough to buy nutkins, despite inspiration and good intentions. Although have engaged in a few forum scraps over the morality
of it.
Thanks for such an entertaining story. Come the revolution we'll
be eating these little blighters as a mainstream protein source.

Mike Jones

Bravo Nick! Where's my air rifle....

The Curious Cat

Trust it to be Crouch End budgens - I love that store! Great entry - really enjoyed reading it. Gotta get me some squirrel soon! :) xxx

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Looks yummy man! But my wife hates you for it!

Ann Holmes

You are so disgusting! How anyone can comtemplate eating one of these creatures is beyond me - it is gross!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hunter Kern

hello, i saw on of ur vids. it seems amazing how u do all this. i have had squirrel. it was tasty, but tough. i think it would go very well in a pastry. if u will id like to see a vid on just building ur tree house and how u have improved it since.

ur awesome...


They ought to put you in a pasty, you retarded oaf. What's the matter with you types? You'd eat shit if you had half a chance. You need a shovel wrapped round your thick stupid head.

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