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November 12, 2010



Brilliant! Are you visiting my fave place, the ile de re? The salt is reknowned for it's taste of violets.


So glad you're taking on sea salt! We make our salt over here on the other side of the Atlantic. I suppose it's possible that some of our water molecules have brushed by some of your water molecules.

Since salt is cheap and energy is expensive, we use the heat from our wood stove to evaporate the water. Just put the pan of water on the stove and, Voila!, sea salt in a matter of just a few days. We easily make 20 pounds a year.

If you're so inclined, you can read all about it at:


One last thing: waders. You need waders.


I was going to say Ile de Re too - I loved the way that the French Graffiti had turned the bunkers into amazing works of art. Living in land locked South Yorkshire, Sea salts not all that practical, but I'll give it a go when we go camping next year. xxx


Finally a recipe I can make in tel aviv!!

Nick Weston

At last! Get busy giles...

To: [email protected]


Diane & MsMarmitelover- Not been to il de re, bit too far north am down near Bayonne- like the ham. Violet tasting salt? interesting. There isnt much out here the french wont graffiti!

Tamar- Good post...like the waders! I think doing it on a wood burning stove is way more economical, if only i had one here.


I am definitely going to give this a go: Had no idea it was so easy. Have you tried any flavoured salt?

Sea Water

I knew that salt can be made from sea water, but to do it yourself is really fascinating. I used to see sea water only as a holiday destination, but now I see it has more to offer to us.

Swamp Thing

Take a peek - the whole book is a ghastly 1100 pages or so - at Kurlansky's "Salt." You'll enjoy it, as you would likely enjoy his other books.

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I like the sound of all this except the oysters...allergic unfortunately! xxx

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