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November 24, 2010


alan buckle

Nice piece... I can almost taste the oysters!


Hey Nick i'm gonna miss the Kew Gardens signing by a few days but will be in London for 10 days 20 - 30 if you fancy a pint and a chat with your Israeli fan!! ;-)


Looks delicious! Most of my experience with Oysters have been of the uncooked variety, I will have to experiment with cooking them! Have fun with the book signings... I wish I were visiting family in Chichester- alas I am state side...

Mark McCaughrean

Nick; I discovered your site via the Guardian story today (Jan 7 2011) about salt, and what a discovery it is, combining my love of foraged food (albeit absolutely leagues below your standard), with strong memories of playing in the woods of West Sussex as a child, too many decades ago.

I chose this post to comment on because I too love oysters, but also because it'll remind me to make a trip to the Oyster Shack in Bigbury next time I'm back visiting my mother in Brixham. (I note, however, that their garlic and parmesan oysters are now selling at £9.25 per half dozen rather than the £6.95 on your picture: that's a bit disappointing, but it may have been a few years).

I was born in Devon and after more than 40 years away, went back to live there again for five years in the 2000's, before moving off to the Netherlands for work reasons a couple of years ago. I do miss the rolling hills, woods, and sea of Devon: not much of the first two of those round these parts ...

Ah, I'm coming over all nostalgic here for the English countryside (if not the English economy). Anyway, great site, great recipes, great stories: I'll continue to follow it, while trying to ignore the fact I wish I was 30 years younger ... perhaps I'll take my kids on something like one of the Safari Britain courses.

Oh, and must remember to buy some oysters here at the weekend and try the recipe :-)

dining table

The recipe looks so delicious. Love oysters so much. It has been a comfort food of mine!

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