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November 02, 2010



"inbred lord of the manor" - laughed my head off!! We have some great mushroom spots around here - but I dont know what I am looking at - so very dangerous! Congrats on the wedding by the way!

sarah moore

I enjoyed this post so much! I love shroom talk. They are so pretty somehow. The plates look amazing. Very inspiring. Do you know the Rooney Brothers? They are my link to mushroom wisdom. bit.ly/bXk3FP. Sarah

sarah moore

Forgot to say, I loved the cardiac friendly potato - I'm so going to make that tomorrow at Borough (unpasteurized normandy butter).

The Curious Cat

I've been away for some time and there is too much to catch up on in the blogging world! Looks like some really interesting posts and I have browsed but not had a lot of time to read slowly in-depth. Like the oyster post but alas - I am allergic...although I wonder if that is just to raw oysters...bit too scared to try it grilled though nonetheless...I just hate the illness that follows...! As for chutney...will have to try yours out next year perhaps! xxx

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