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December 17, 2010



Hi, I have just discovered your interesting blog, the existence of the book which looks amazing (too late for my Christmas though :-( , I live in Switzerland... but it's on my New Year wish list!) and this onion chutney recipe! It made me think of the French "confit d'oignons" I've been making for years, with different alcohols and spices... I absolutely have to try onion chutney soon! It also reminds me I have almost no confit d'oignons left in my pantry! And thank you for the idea of combining chili with quince, though it's unfortunately too late for this year... I try putting hot peppers with almost every fruit I preserve, it doesn't always work, but sometimes the result is incredible. Haven't tried it yet with quince.

Bill Robinson

Love the chutney. Goes great with any Indian Curry and especially with a chunk of very mature Cheddar cheese and a glass of Rioja reserve. Agreed, it needs a month to reach full maturity. More recipes like this please.


I read this days ago, but now every time I see a chutney (and it happens a lot in the holiday season) I think about the pith helmets and blunderbusses, and laugh.

Great. Thanks. Chutney's not supposed to be funny.


Reading your blog, I can't WAIT to start growing my own food!

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Lovely post and I love the pictures! keep them coming I thourghly enjoyed it

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