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January 06, 2011


Mike Jones

Hehe. Nice post. When's "Fishing" by N.R.Weston being released? A 12 year old N. Weston could probably teach me a thing or two about fishing!
Enjoyed that YouTube Vid, how did that guy not see that beast lurking? More to the point why didn't his mate say something? ;-) hehehe Good work Nick, will check the gift shop on my way out...


Great post. Frankly I struggle to regard Pike any differently to Great White Sharks, but this is purely down to my over active imagination.
Maybe once I've handled a few I could go the next step and cook one... I too look forward to "Fishing"... Gonna check the shop too... may bump into Mike there...


Just bought your book and looking forward to reading it. I love quenelles.


Mentioned your salt making blogpost in my article here http://www.guardian.co.uk/lifeandstyle/wordofmouth/2011/jan/07/salt

The Curious Cat

As always an enjoyable post...I wish i'd been brought up in the countryside learning to fish etc...wouldn't know where to start right now...maybe leaving the city would be a good start? xxx


I've always been jealous of people who had interests early on. Now that I'm pushing 50, I really wish I'd learned to hunt, fish, ski, play golf, speak French, and fix internal combustion engines when I was a kid. But dilettantism outs early, and I was too busy learning a tiny bit about a lot of things so I could sound good at parties but not actually do anything. A fishing book at 12. Damn.


Great post. Not sure if it works for freshwater, but salt water fish it really works a treat for. If you get bitten or spiked by a fish, rub the bite on the slimy belly of the fish. The natural fish slime helps clotting and also works as an anesthetic to ease the pain.

Not sure with pike though. I propably would get bitten on purpose just to try it out. Keep up the great blogs. I actually jump on your site before checking my own emails.

Paul Kirtley

Nice post Nick. As you'd imagine, I've caught a few pike in my time. Like you, I had to turn to the French for decent recipes as, with the exception of Hugh F-W, we English seem to have forgotten about eating pike. I've tried a few ideas from Larousse Gastronomique and I agree pike is worth the effort if you do it right.

Roger Colson

Great post.Pike is indeed fine fare.
I also enjoy perch and eels.
Perch is great wrapped in a dock or butter burr leaf and cooked on the embers of a camp fire.


I agree great post. I have worked with fish for years and pike is not always the favorite fish to eat out there but do enjoy it.

phill cornick

I am going to Sweden we have a place in North Sweden in Ytterhogdhal, I am a beginner at fishing and have been told the lake next to the house we have bought has lots of fish in it especially pike, we are going for self sufficiency life style but we have lot to learn yet, pike will likely be a main source of food for us, never caught any thing big yet what are the dangers when handling a pike?

Dan Baillie

It's just the very fiddly bones which put me off - a great post though....[off to buy the tree house diaries]

sean newton

Great post, sadly Pike fishing has nearly been killed of by eastern europeans that kill all pike they catch which is shamefull as there an awesome fish to catch.

Charles Surholt

Nice post. Very informative all thru from catching the pike to cooking. You spent alot of time on this post. Good Job

stan cook

great video what was he thinking (or not)never been pike fishing can't wait to try.looks like alot of fun.

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Great post i found it very useful where you share your story about pikes. I learn a thing or two.

Melanie Daryl

I love pike, especially the big ones. They taste great when roasted. But pikes are best boiled in a sour tamarind-based bouillon. The Japanese have this saying about them: "Bite the cheek." They say the most delicious part of the fish is the cheek, so you do have to cook the head with it. The eyeballs are particularly tasty, haha.


Great blog. Pike is also delicious when smoked or indeed when used as a base for fish cakes.

Tom Gustin

I have not encountered pike. Where can I find more stories about them? Sounds wild! I love to fish with friends.

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Carl Bennett

I caught a 5lb pike in Loch Awe while I was looking for trout. If you stay at Portsonnachan they will clean and cook it for you, so it was on a nice plate with fish knives within the hour. It was superb, just steamed, really dense meat like a steak on full boost! The little bones were visible but not hard enough to be a problem, but I didn't want my hand anywhere near its mouth. I wasn't fishing for pike, I didn't want to kill it but I didn't want to be ripped to shreds either and we have a simple rule in my house: if you kill it on purpose, you have to eat it. Well worth it. Hugh F-W or no, we have lost our collective taste for almost everything that doesn't come plastic wrapped from a supermarket, however many TV chefs there are. Really nice to see this blog.

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