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August 04, 2011



J'aime bien Hossegor, et j'aimerais bien y aller cette annee mais c'est trop loin :((

Amuse-toi bien!

Living in the philippines

I have actually learned a lot from your blog. Thanks for sharing and I am looking forward to more posts.:)


Great post - hilariously accurate. And what you say about school is completely spot on - I don't know what we were all being taught, but anywhere off a worksheet it's certainly not "conversational French"!

Nick Weston

Merci beaucoup! Terrible tuition...

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Spot on! Though I am not sure about the need for more than one pedal, I don't think I have ever seen anyone use the brake or clutch.

On the linguistic front, while it is helpful to be able to shop etc. fluency is far more satisfying when it stupifies. After a truly vile start to a meal in an equally vile restaruant in Le Havre (okay we were risking it even eating out in Le Havre but we were hungry) where the waiters made even the minciest Parisian waiter look charming and accomodating we decided to eat elsewhere. As we got up to leave the thug hanging around the door (I believe he was the head waiter) let rip with a stream of rich abuse. We let him finish and then my husband replied in perfect gutter French. It was a divine moment :)

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Hilarious post! Thanks for making me smile! Love this post.

Fred Ocampo

Nice! I really love your blog. I learned a lot from here. Just keep it up. I want to see more very soon. Thanks man!

Midnight Owl

Loving the tension drawn by Worcester Sauce paradox on the secret recipe... ;)

Nice Twist!


I can understand most things, if you said, at a reasonable pace and try to avoid a direct translation from English into French.

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Loving the tension drawn by Worcester Sauce paradox on the secret recipe. ^_^


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