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August 25, 2011


Flora Fauna Dinner

Wood pigeon and carpaccio - two of my favourite foods and I never thought of putting them together! I wonder if I could do anything with the mangled carcasses my cat keeps bringing in?

The Curious Cat

Never knew that about elderberries! You're making me hungry and I want to go to that festival! xxx


After a boozy party at a neighbours - I asked another neighbour if he could supply me with a couple of pigeons as he often goes hunting. He did, and I had to butcher my first animal! I agree that the meat is like the best steak ever . x


Well now, you've shown us the puff balls, now you must show us how you prepare them! I've always found they simply take on the flavour of what ever I'm cooking them with. They always seem to be something like cooking with tofu, not much for flavour, more for adding bulk.


i think pigeon is my favourite too, though i haven't tried cooking it myself yet. great idea to pair with elderberry, we're off to pick some more!


Damn It! Wish I'd thought of that with the one pigeon I've shot so far.Wiley buggers. http://1nomad.blogspot.com/2011/05/cautious-corvid-thursday-280411.html

Chuffed with a large doe rabbit I shot the other day, fed us three times. Stew, then two meals of soup!

Jono / Real Men Sow

Amen to them being tricky buggers to shoot. Have spent many an hour knackering myself out crawling around fields only for them to spot me and fly off.

Funny, as they look really dopey things.

Definitely one of my favourite meats though.

Will definitely be trying the carpaccio. Thank you.

video stitching

I don't like pigeon meat anymore. But it is healthy good. Pigeon Carpaccio is looks really awesome and yummy food.


The young leaves of horseradish have a nice pepperiness to them and a slight bitterness which make a good substitute for rocket.

converse all star

Ahora bien, usted nos ha demostrado que las bolas de hojaldre, que ahora tiene que mostrarnos cómo prepararlos! Siempre me ha parecido simplemente tener el sabor de lo que alguna vez me los voy a cocinar con. Ellos siempre parecen ser algo así como cocinar con queso de soja, no hay mucho por su sabor, más por un mayor volumen.

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