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October 27, 2011


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Beautiful post regarding chilies. I never the large use of chili. It's very useful to me. Thanks for this nice one.

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Yeah! Really wonderful post. This soup is sounds amazing.

jamie bell

I enjoyed reading about the chillies. I recently discovered hydroponics and now grow my own delicious chilly.

brian terry

Very nice posting. Thank you.


Thanks for recipe for the soup I will give that a try. I like the spice of these peppers because they dont blow your head off when cooked

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Nice design so cute! I like the chili decorations.


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When i see kimchee in your post i remeber the korean food that i always eat, my menu is not complete without matching this kimchee.

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This post is very interesting,i enjoy reading it.

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A lot of chilli hanging in the window, in my country we do that as chili sauce called sambal.

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Chilli is not only seasoning for the food, it is also serve as medicinal plant.


This soup is sounds amazing. This post is very interesting,i enjoy reading it.

ralph lauren polo

Recentemente ho scoperto idroponica ed ora crescere la mia deliziosa chilly.in mio paese facciamo che, come salsa di peperoncino chiamato sambal..

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