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October 14, 2011


Andy Ward

Epic work mate! It's no mean feat to catch Mullet on the flee (even if it's on the sea equivalent of the 'garden fly'). I'm extremely jealous and may have to plan a road trip to Hossegor soon... Good work.

Christopher Forsberg

Love reading your posts! Fantastic job with the flyrod!

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Mullet is good eating but the last time I caught mullet it was net casting and we used them for bait to go fishing for Kings in the Gulf. Good artical be back to check for more.

l arginine

Are you beginning to have an appreciation with the total value of your possessions?

fishing rods

WOW! Great work to catch Mullet on rod n reel!
I have always considered them a "net only" fish.

Steven Cook

Great article. Fishing is a great hobby to have, I enjoy this in my spare time. Must try the mullet as it sounds really nice. Like the pictures aswell, keep up the good work.

Melanie Daryl

Nice catch, and what a tasty looking meal it is! Anyway, with regards to fishing in the sea, it's all about preparing and knowing the territory. Still, it's best to fish in a place you are comfortable with to enjoy both the sights and the catch, right?

construction equipment

Mullet is excellent consuming but the before I found mullet it was net launching and we used them for lure to go sportfishing for Nobleman in the Beach. Piece of content be returning to examine for more.

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fear of losing, often more easy to lose.

Dollie Perrault

Congratulations on catching a Mullet. That's quite impressive for a first encounter. Many anglers try to catch a mullet, but most fail. Indeed. Mullets are difficult to handle, Nick, but with good preparation, it will be easy as 1-2-3. :) Mullets need gentle handling. When a Mullet runs fast and hard, have the clutch of the reel set with this in mind to protect the main line.


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