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January 30, 2012


Recipe Lover

Great recipe .... I will try this weekend. Also I would like to share another Kimchee recipe - http://www.hotfoodrecipe.com/Rice-with-Kimchee--Kimchee-Bap-_32758.htm


That is one rad tree house. Great skills mate!

Nick Weston

Cheers Ro, Just had a good gander at your blog- good stuff, enjoyed the Eucumbene river escapade! Good work fella.

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Though I don't love kimchi, I still support those people who really loves that thing.

Cannabis Seeds

Kimchi... MMMmmmmm... This is one of my favorite.

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You should put a better name tags for your jars :)


Thanks for the Kimchi recipe. I buy it all the time and never new how easy it is to make myself. It will be all natural now.


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